Somebody's Wrong On The Internet is a nightly call-in radio show and podcast.



We broadcast LIVE!  Why? Because we can.  Tune in every night Mon-Thurs at 10pm to hear us talk about the news and events that matter to... well, us.  

From 9/11 Troothers to agro police officers and everything in between we have an opinion on it.  Call in to set us straight though if we're not living up to the name.  This is the place to talk about the issues that fell through the cracks.

If you can't catch us live because we do the show too late, don't despair!  A significant portion of our audience actually listens to the show the next day by clicking that button to the left and subscribing to the podcast.  Do you even podcast bro? Click the link.  

Also, catch our show and others streaming 24/7 on kNET Talk Radio. That's the little player at the bottom of this page.  If it's not already playing click on it to listen to our shows.  Go ahead, I'll wait...



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